Ban Ion Cold Pressed Soap – “Something for Everyone” Gift Box


A gift box containing 4 x 100g nature inspired bars that are Ban Ion customer favourites. The soaps are handmade, in small batches, with the oils of Olive and Coconut, enriched with Shea Butter and high in naturally produced Glycerine to help keep skin moisturised and health and delicately fragranced with high quality, pure essential oils making them an ideal pamper gift.

The bars are 100% natural, SLS, Paraben, Palm Oil free and not tested on animals.

Ideal for no waste savvy consumers, our gift soaps arrive unwrapped in a biodegradable, plastic free gift box.

Seaweed, Salt, Orange & Lemon – Inspired by a warm sunny day at the seaside. Light, sweet, citrus aromas filling the air on a gentle sea breeze. A natural coloured bar with fine cut, pure, natural bladderwrack. Topped with a vegan sea salt and seaweed mix that includes dulse, laver and sea lettuce. Scented with fresh lemon and sweet, organic orange essential oil. The ultimate bathing experience in your very own rock pool.

Natural with Botanicals – Step inside a Victorian walled garden and visualise this pure, delicate, mindful space. This natural soap is fragranced only by the vegetable oils used in our cold pressed process (olive, coconut and shea butter enhanced on top with a sprinkling of organic, vegan, rose petals, chamomile flowers, peppermint and spearmint fine cut leaves. Balanced, floral, fresh, herby & light.

Cinnamon, honey & Oats – If you love the warm, comforting smell of a hot bowl of cinnamon, honey & oatmeal in the morning, then you’re going to love this soap bar. Naturally coloured and fragranced with pure essential oil of cinnamon leaf. Lavish amounts of honey & oats added, making a truly luxurious soap bar.

Lavender Soap – Soft and calming like a handmade cashmere sweater. Pure and simple, just as Mother Nature intended. A natural bar fragranced with pure Lavender Essential Oil, sweet and beautifully topped with organic lavender flowers.

Weight 2 kg


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