Hug in a Box No 1



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Each set includes:

Mo Me Hand Crafted Belgian Milk Chocolate Stirrer (V) – Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate to relax and unwind? Simply place the stirrer in a cup of hot milk, stir slowly, watch it dissolve and be prepared to be transported to chocolate heaven.

Raw Halo Mylk & Vanilla Organic Raw Chocolate 22g (VE) – For those much needed feel good vibes!

And a choice of Weleda Hand Cream 50 ml / Foot balm 75ml, plus a choice of Ban Ion Cold Pressed Hand Made Soap.

Weleda Hand Cream 50 ml / Foot balm 75ml – Sometimes the skin needs targeted care and protection – whether it’s for hardworking hands or aching feet.

Choose one item from the following selection.

  • Citrus Hand and Nail Cream 50ml (V) – A rich hand and nail cream that leaves skin velvety soft and nails beautifully strong. The nourishing formulation with calendula and wild pansy, protective waxes and sweet almond oil keeps the cuticles well cared for, supporting the growth of healthy nails. The refreshing citrus essential oil invigorates the senses.
  • Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream 50ml (V) – Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, the sea buckthorn and sesame oils in this soothing balm, give rough, dry, hard working hands an intense moisture boost.
  • Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream 50ml (VE) – A fast absorbing cream that calms skin prone to irritation by restoring the skin’s natural balance and providing long lasting moisture.
  • Foot Balm 75ml (V) – Packed with soothing and cooling natural extracts, this refreshing balm is the perfect treat for hot, tired or aching feet. Essential oils of lavender, rosemary and sweet orange refresh and revive in a non- greasy formulation that also helps protect the skin from blisters.

Ban Ion Cold Pressed Hand Made Soap 100g Bar (V) – Nature inspired botanical soaps, 100% natural, SLS, Paraben & Palm Oil free, not tested on animals, expertly handcrafted and glycerine rich. The soaps are made in small batches using olive and coconut oils and enriched with shea butter.

Select from the following options.

  • Seaweed, Salt, Orange & Lemon – Inspired by a warm sunny day at the seaside. Light, sweet, citrus aromas filling the air on a gentle sea breeze. A natural coloured bar with fine cut, pure, natural bladderwrack. Topped with a vegan sea salt and seaweed mix that includes dulse, laver and sea lettuce. Scented with fresh lemon and sweet, organic orange essential oil. The ultimate bathing experience in your very own rock pool.
  • Natural with Botanicals – Step inside a Victorian walled garden and visualise this pure, delicate, mindful space. This natural soap is fragranced only by the vegetable oils used in our cold pressed process (olive, coconut and shea butter enhanced on top with a sprinkling of organic, vegan, rose petals, chamomile flowers, peppermint and spearmint fine cut leaves. Balanced, floral, fresh, herby & light.
  • Cinnamon, honey & Oats – If you love the warm, comforting smell of a hot bowl of cinnamon, honey & oatmeal in the morning, then you’re going to love this soap bar. Naturally coloured and fragranced with pure essential oil of cinnamon leaf. Lavish amounts of honey & oats added, making a truly luxurious soap bar.
  • Lavender Soap – Soft and calming like a handmade cashmere sweater. Pure and simple, just as Mother Nature intended. A natural bar fragranced with pure Lavender Essential Oil, sweet and beautifully topped with organic lavender flowers.
Weight 2 kg
Foot Balm/Hand Cream

Foot Balm 75ml, Citrus Hand and Nail Cream 50ml, Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream 50ml, Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream 50ml


Seaweed, Salt, Orange & Lemon, Natural with Botanicals, Cinnamon, honey & Oats, Lavender Soap


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