Hug in a Box No 6


Run with Wolves candles are hand poured using eco soy wax from sustainable sources, vegan, cruelty and plastic free. Each candle is hand crafted and blended with a mix of essential oils. The gift box includes a range of scents to suit every mood. The 60ml candles provide approximately 20
hours burn time each.

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Run with Wolves Organic Black Moon 60ml (VE) – Set your positive intentions with the Black Moon candle, created with natural woodland tones which bring positivity, calmness and relaxation. The earthy blend of sandalwood wraps around you bringing inner peace, warming the deepest parts of your soul. Black moon will draw you closer to mother nature allowing you to set intentions or affirmations every time you light the flame.

Run with Wolves Organic Green Lavender 60 ml (VE) – Be transported to a state of natural calm and tranquility with the soothing scents in this candle. The floral waves of lavender will wash over you, relaxing and calming your mind. Lavender scented candles are ideal for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep and will help you unwind after a busy day.

Run with Wolves Organic Wild Earth 60ml (VE) – Invigorating and full of beauty. From the mossy green carpets that line the forests to the uplifting sunlight bursting through the tress filling us with contentment and joy. The earth is most certainly wild with its vast array of flora and fauna for us to enjoy. The Wild Earth candle is an elevating scent with fresh bursts of lime coupled with grounding notes of basil, a truly unique scent like no other we have ever created.

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